Gratitude Day

I am officially a Hallmark Institute of Photography alum!

The hard work put in over the last year paid off (and in a surprising way). I was granted not only a Certificate of Completion but also the award for Highest Graduate Credit. What an honor!

Congrats to all the graduates of 2009. I am humbled by the talent that surrounded (and supported) me this year! I will miss everyone dearly. Please keep in touch! You don't have to write... just send pictures. ;)

... for Life

Every so often in life you are given opportunities that leave an imprint on you deep enough that you know you'll always hold a "visual of the experience". The past two days have been like that for me. I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Franklin County "Relay for Life"... an experience that I won't soon forget. Along with 20 or so of my fellow Hallmark classmates, instructors, and alumni we spent 20 plus hours photographing in incredible event! Yes, all night and into the next day. What I will take from this experience is a better understanding of what it means to live with, live through, live without and live for...

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the Franklin County event...

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Relay For Life...

Roller or Coaster?

A day or so ago I described my life to someone as being one of the cars on the track of a roller coaster, slowly climbing the first peak. Click-Clack-Click-Clack. Ten months of work at Hallmark and I somehow wonder whether I am ready for that moment when my "car" is released at the top of the incline. Often in life people describe themselves as being "stuck in a situation". It occurred to me that can't actually be the case. Life is in a constant state of motion, we have only to choose whether to roll forward with intention or coast. Today I choose to roll... maybe even jump the tracks.

My (not so) little brother...

As my final portfolio review lingers 'til the end of next week I found a few days to escape western Mass and spend some time with my family in Illinois.  I am so excited for the chance to "hang out" with my brother and his girlfriend as it's been more than a year since I've seen them. It's not easy to get back and forth from Japan (where he's lived for about three years now). He hasn't lost his pestering younger brother ways, but when I look at him in pictures he seems far from resembling the title of "little brother".

Just a thought...

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