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A quiet moment

All wrapped up in my (makeshift) winter gear I headed out early in the morning to find a quiet spot in the snow.  As I drove across the lake I saw the wind off the boat dock blowing the snow across the ever-so-flat field.  Even up close with the wind roaring off the waves I had one of the quietest moments I'd experienced in a long time.  Here's hoping you find a quiet moment too...

Vintage Rose

I had the chance to go to the arboretum recently and I was overwhelmed by the vivid colors of spring.  Tulips in every brilliant color one can imagine.  It was incredible... don't get me wrong, but there are days when I most appreciate the understated.  Here is a subtle take on what was an overwhelmingly bright experience...


Okay, so not really.  But practically.  Milli is a rare breed of cat who upon the presentation of a camera (phone, point-and-shoot, or DSLR) will take it upon herself to automatically look away or run out of the room.  She's quick, smart enough to play catch, and loves to be with me every moment of the editing process (either on my desk or the back of my chair).  I joke that's she's a photog-cat. Now that I think about it, I don't like being in front of the camera either... so maybe it makes sense.

I recently snapped this shot of her in rare form.  Every time I look at it I see the "will you point that thing somewhere else please" look that I have grown to love.  I guess if nothing else, she's part of my wild life.

I'm no fool.

There are things in life I find insanely funny and then there are things that make me chuckle, stop the car, and take a picture.  The following is merely a chuckle.  I am in Texas which makes me somewhat unfamiliar with the whole snow thing, but doesn't it take a different type of precipitation for swimming to occur?

Just a thought...

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