Does your blog need a facelift?

Hey you happy bloggers. Do you have account? Have you looked over the list of default templates so many times only to feel like you can't find the one that fits your personality best? Perhaps you are simply looking for something that integrates well with your website design? I actually had some luck today finding a simple template that integrated easily into my current blogger account.

It looks like there are several websites that cater to blogger layout designs. This one has hundreds and was super easy to switch out. In case you are interested...

Keep in mind that you may have to tweek the html to get exactly what you want. Maybe add a gadget or two. I spent about 30 minutes and now have something simple and clean. Maybe you'll find a style that suites your needs.

Meet Milli...

So there are a few things in life that constantly bring me laughter. One of them is THIS little one. She came to me from the shelter, looks exactly like her somewhat more substantial brother, and is the smartest most ornery cat I know. Guess I can't blame her, she was named for a unit of the metric scale by her nerdy math owner. She has her own agenda, cleans herself incessantly, and plays fetch like a dog.

Not long after bringing her home she started doing funny things like lining up toys on my bed. When I would wake up, there she was... ready to play! She has evolved from toys to socks. Yes, socks. She has a radar for socks that rivals the dryer's ability to lose them. In fact, if she could open the dryer I am certain that she would steal them from there as well.

Perhaps my favorite Milli moment came after a weekend of cleaning on my part. I had washed, dried, folded, and put away every item of clothing in the house. EVERY item. When I woke up the next morning expecting a sock-free bed, I got it. However, in their place nicely arranged was every receipt in the house. Guess they were the only "little white substitute" she could find. It reminded me of a line of validated parking tickets... each certified with a special Milli tooth punch. That, or she was confessing to her closet shopping addiction.

Since returning to Texas she has found some really interesting ways to get my attention. The sock habit is still intact but she now spends the bulk of her time searching for ways to spend time with me. Since the computer is where you will find me most often, you'll find her as well.... carefully balanced on the back of my chair.

Now worries, I'll let you know when she learns to color correct prints. Maybe you'll want to hire her for the back of your chair!

Just a thought...

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