Pumpkins with a Little Punkin'

You'll see the minute you look at this little guy just what I mean!  He is a Q.T. with unbelievable range of expression in a not-quite-one year old body.

At school they told us that when you are photographing a child that you should plan for one minute of focus-time for every year that the child is old.  Based on those statistics I was looking at seconds!  Instead I got two solid hours of playtime amongst the pumpkins with this little one (and his parent's of course). 

One of the hardest things in the world for my Type-A personality is not being able to plan exactly how a photo session will flow.  At the same time, the thing that I end up cherishing the most is that I can let the action take place and capture it frame-by-frame.  I find that the smiles that shine the brightest on a little ones face are always prompted by the simplest of things... a song sung by a mom or dad, a chance to play in the leaves, or perhaps just the freedom to "army-crawl" across the lawn without constraint!  It was a pleasure to capture just a few of these moments.

PS - Thanks to the Zaruba's for making the afternoon SO MUCH FUN!  And a special birthday wish for the little guy who, as of Thursday, is the ripe old age of ONE!

Just a thought...

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