Amy de Parma

Here is one of our latest adventures... a lesson in referencing art in our work.  This is my recreation of a work entitled "Maria Luisa de Parma" by the painter Anton Raphael Mengs.  This version is actually an unfinished study version.  Thanks to Amy for being a perfect replica of a king's wife.  Side Note: Can anyone tell me why there are curlers in her hair?

Beware of Dog!

Meet Tank, the most social of dogs.  In fact, short of licking the lens, he greets you like a person. Needless to say, I learned my lesson the hard way here.  Dog slobber is tough to get off the lens!

Through her veins...

Relocating to the northeast for photography school was a chance to see and experience new things.  There has definitely been time for that, but not at the expense of carrying on one of my favorite southern past times... drinking tea.  Sadly, the places in which you can find fresh-brewed tea here are few and far between.   Joking aside, McDonald's has been a lifesaver as you can now get a 32oz iced tea for only $1.00.  I stop by on my way to school in the morning.  It must be quite a habit because on the days I don't have my McDonald's cup in class everyone asks me where I left it.  When assigned another "Self-Portrait", I knew just where to head with my shoot.  Tea really does "run though my veins".

Thanks to Gidget for helping me evolve my ideas!

How time flies!

Just looking back through a few pictures that I took before coming to Massachusetts.  It's amazing how fast life moves!  Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of Pico.  Yes, the math nerd named her cats after units in the metric system.  Pico (10^-12) and Milli (10^-3).  I think that's enough incriminating info for the day.

Periodical Anyone?

Shooting assignments in the portrait studio are becoming more and more open to our creativity.  We shot for a magazine cover this week.  Here is my take on an "eclectic millionaire that is slightly anti-establishment".  Thanks to Becky for the fun clothing choice!

Happy 2009!

Here's to a new year (and a new photography blog).  2009 finds me well-rested, over-fed, and ready to dive into Phase III of the Hallmark photography program!  Lots of opportunities to shoot over the last month or so.  Here is one of my favorite images from my visit to New Mexico over Thanksgiving.  It took me laying down on the floor first to get her to slow down. Guess "setting a good example" works in photography as well!

Just a thought...

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