The Hallmark House is Open!

It's this time of year that hallmark feels just like a home. I'm certain that I spend more time there than in my apartment! We have just moved into Phase IV of the program which means we are preparing for our final portfolio. Our work has finally reached the point that the school is using some of the images as the rotating banner on their website (new selections every week). Even more exciting than that, the first gallery for the class of 2009 was posted to the site. It's associated with the student-run open house coming up in April so it is temporary, but it's great to see some of our work brought together.

Take a look for yourself!


Greg Christison said...

Sounds like a spectacular end to a spectacular opportunity, but the mime on that page is giving me the willies. I tried staring it down, but I lost. Badly.

Just a thought...

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