What day is it?

So, it's really been a while.  I can't possibly sum up the last several weeks in one post, but some of the highlights include...

* 26 photo shoots
* more than one 17 hour day at school (no kidding)
* numerous hours of editing
* one failed attempt at the famous "master cleanse"
* trip to Hartford
* assisting opportunities with Justin & Mary Marantz, Jim Roselli, and Dani Fine Photography
* numerous evenings in a row with 3 hours of sleep
* two evenings since with more than 12 hours of sleep
* one trip to Boston
* six days of portfolio reviews
* one marathon of "Jon and Kate plus 8"... did you know they get $75,000 an episode?
* lots of thought as to what my future holds :)

School ramped down so quickly that we were all left with strange sleep schedules and the stress of reviews through mid-June.  All-in-all an exciting process.  Imagine your work being critiqued by three industry professionals with wonderful credentials in front of the staff and student body of Hallmark.  It's a bit like defending your thesis (with a little less talk).  I have until the 11th-12th of June before I'll be "called to the stand" so wish me luck!

BTW - I do realize it's Friday! ;)


Just a thought...

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