Observations from an Overstuffed Chair...

I had the a rare opportunity today to sit.... sit in a bookstore and peruse every section of my mind that needed insight. Okay, so not everything, but I was certainly there a while. From creativity boosters to diet from fashion to business I explored it all, sitting in an oversized chair with a large cup of ice (with tea). Every once and a while I would look up to see who was meandering the aisles. Mom's with little ones, students, retirees, the unemployed, the independently wealthy, the vacationers, and the self-employed are my guesses. The photography techniques section was heavily frequented. I almost wanted to hand out a survey to those who pulled books off the shelf... hobby or career? :) No worries, I refrained.

I managed to learn a few things today. Perhaps I'll leave you with an interesting passage I came across was in a book entitled "The Encore Effect". It talks about the differences between performing well and performing remarkably... you know, that top five percent? Here is some food for thought. Take one area of your life that you'd like to perform well in and rate your commitment based on this list of "I's". Photogs, which "eye" are you?


Now how are you going to get to the next level?

Within walking distance...

So I've made my way back to Texas. It's amazing how being gone for a year can really throw you for a loop! Am I who I was when I left... no. Can life be exactly as it was in Massachusett's... no. So where do I start?

Well, I decided to take a walk. See the neighborhood with new eyes. Here's a few things I found "within walking distance"...

Just a thought...

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